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Windows 10 screen goes black on startup free download

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Jun 21,  · Detect display Sometimes, a black screen happens because Windows 10 will lose its connection with the display. Using the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B keyboard shortcut can restart Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Feb 02,  · Start your Windows 10 PC having the error of black screen with cursor in the Safe Mode. Step 2. Once on the Home Screen of your Windows 10 system, use the shortcut “Windows+R” to access the “Run” command window. In the Run search box, type “” and press OK. Oct 15,  · Microsoft released the October optional monthly Windows 10 “C” release cumulative updates with KB being the most noteworthy as it fixes an issue leading to a black screen .

Windows 10 screen goes black on startup free download

We’ll look at some things that can cause a black or blank screen: Connection problems with your monitor or screen. Display adapter driver update issues. To do this, press Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B. This command actually restarts your graphics driver—which might itself fix the black screen—.


Windows 10 screen goes black on startup free download. 9 Solutions to Fix Black Screen After or During Installing Windows 10/11


The program explorer. In Task Manager, click File , and select Run new task. Type explorer. Your desktop should now reappear. To fix this, you need to edit the Windows Registry — the heart of the Windows operating system. Before you make any changes, create a backup of your PC or system restore point. You can also use a specialized registry cleaning tool to clean up and repair any broken registry items on your Windows PC. First, hold down the Windows key and press R. In the Run box, type in regedit.

Hit Enter. On the right side of the screen, double-click Shell. Check that the Value data section reads explorer. If this field is empty or something else is there, enter explorer.

If something else is written in the Value data section, it could be a virus, malware , or some other potentially unwanted program. To find out, Google the name of the program and do some research. Then, it will delete the malware and set up defenses to detect and block any future signs of trouble. Get it for Android , iOS , Mac. Get it for Mac , PC , Android. If your computer screen keeps going blank seemingly at random, the cause of the black screen of death might be your graphics driver.

Check out our detailed instructions on how to update your graphics drivers and our guide to monitoring GPU performance. When you see a blank screen, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press P. This shows you the possible display modes, and allows you to switch. Hopefully, this guide has helped you solve your black screen problems. If all else fails, you may need to reinstall Windows from scratch, because the issue is likely more serious or beyond fixing.

Otherwise, keep your system fresh by maintaining it on a weekly basis to help prevent issues like the black screen of death. And the built-in Software Uninstaller gets rid of apps that could render your system unbootable. Get better PC performance. Privacy Report vulnerability Contact security License agreements Modern Slavery Statement Cookies Accessibility Statement Do not sell my info All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your repeat visits and preferences, to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, and improve our websites.

For settings and more information about cookies, view our Cookie Policy. Security Tips. AVG News. See all Security articles. IP Address. Social Media. In most cases, the black screen issue after updating the Windows can be solved with the methods above mentioned. However, if you, unfortunately, failed to resolve the issue. You have to turn to a data recovery application to recover data on the computer.

Recoverit Data Recovery software will be a decent choice. You can follow the below steps to achieve the aim. In this article, we had firmly discussed every possible way to solve the black screen of death crisis that generally occurs after a Windows 10 update. While all of the solutions mentioned above do not ask or require prior technical knowledge from a person, it is essential to take care of the computer and continuously check for warning signals.

These signals could eventually result in hardware failure that could end you up with a black screen. If any of the above solutions cause data loss on your PC, then you have the full power to get it all back within minutes with the assistance of Recoverit! Has your Windows 10 computer screen turned black after a routine OS update? If yes, learn the safest and quickest solution to fix the problem in our article.

Download Win Download Mac. David Darlington. What could have caused the issue, and how can I make the screen appear again without losing data on my PC? Windows 10 Black Screen after Update. How to Fix? Update Your Graphics Card Driver 4. Log in Using a Different User Account 6. Reset Your PC. Many users experience it. After a successful update, users reported getting a black screen. It usually occurs when the computer restarts. Some users can see the cursor, while in some cases, it is not present at all.

When you experience, it seems like you have lost your desktop icons. Read on to know the causes of Windows install black screen, solutions to fix it, and how to recover data with Recoverit. Before moving to the solution, first, take a look at the possible causes of this error. Well, the reason can be any, but we have listed some of the possible ones that users generally experience.

If there is some problem with the hardware, it can also cause the problem of the black screen. Check it with the below steps:. Step 2: Look for the option Device Manager and then click on the result for opening the app.

Step 4: Right-click on the particular device and click on the Properties option. Step 5: Click on the General tab and confirm the component status in “device status. When the process, if the status is “This device is working fine,” that means the hardware is not experiencing any issue. Even after waiting for several minutes, when the black screen does not disappear, enter the Windows security screen to restart your computer. Step 2: Select the drop-down menu with the “tab” key and use arrow keys to select “restart.

This will restart the system, and probably the black screen issue disappears. While restarting the system, if the Windows prompts you to save any open file, use arrow keys to save it or don’t save as per your preference. You will be directed to the command prompt. Open device manager by typing devmgmt. Check are you able to boot your system normally now?

If your Windows installation completes and you can boot the system normally, then update display drivers and then restart your computer. The problem might have fixed. Follow the below steps to fix it:. Step 3: If the problem is resolved, plug all the devices back to the system. But do this one by one to determine the faulty external drive. First, try to update the drivers of the device that is creating error. If this does not work, try replacing it.

There are chances that the installed programs are not compatible with your system or Windows. Remove the recently installed updated with these steps:. Step 2: Look for the latest installed programs.


Windows 10 screen goes black on startup free download. Troubleshoot black screen or blank screen errors

Feb 02,  · In most of the cases, the following are the major triggers for the Win 10 black screen after login issue. A hardware problem like a broken display or a loose wire can cause the black screen on display. The display drivers that are installed might not be compatible or updated. There could be a firmware-related issue with your system. Jan 07,  · When I turn on my computer the screen goes black during the windows startup and eventually stops sending a display signal. I’ve tried the following: 1. Fresh install of windows 10 allowing it to update during install, lead to black screen above. 2. Fresh install of windows 10 without any updates and then installing newest nvidia drivers. Oct 15,  · Microsoft released the October optional monthly Windows 10 “C” release cumulative updates with KB being the most noteworthy as it fixes an issue leading to a black screen .

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