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Windows 10 keeps restarting after sysprep free download

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I am working with Sysprep for the first time and require some guidance. If I run syspre with the following switches, everytime I log on to the new sysprep’d box, i get the windows 10 keeps restarting after sysprep free download dialog box eindows me:. Hi Derek. It is normal that the sysprep window appears when entering audit mode. The window gives you the option to enter audit or oobe mode. Once you enter oobe mode, the installation will be complete and we do not need to restartinng audit mode.

Therefore, the window does not appear. In audit mode, you can install applications, add device drivers, run scripts, and test the validity of a Windows installation. Audit mode is a networked-enabled environment that does not require settings in Windows Welcome to be applied.

You can use audit mode to add additional customizations to a reference image; this reduces the number of different images you need to manage. For more information about audit mode and oobe windows 10 keeps restarting after sysprep free download, please refer to the following sites:. Customize Windows in Acronis disk director 12 demo free Mode.

How Sysprep Works. Hope it helps. And then you need to go through the settings like any ordinary user. Keyboard, name and some more settings I had also the privelige to add the computer to the domain again. Office Office Exchange Server.

Not an Window pro? Windows Client. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Archived Forums. Windows Vista Deployment and Imaging. Sign in to vote. Greetings: I am working with Sysprep for the first читать статью and require some guidance.

If I run syspre with the following switches, everytime I log on to the new sysprep’d box, i get the sysprep dialog box prompting me: sysprep. Thanks, Windows 10 keeps restarting after sysprep free download. Friday, May 23, PM. Hi Derek, It is normal that the sysprep window appears when entering audit mode. Monday, May 26, AM. Hi Derek, I have the same question: “is there a restagting to supress it upon completion? Regards A.

Friday, October 29, AM. I found it. You need to choose the out of the box experience oobe and quit. What I could have used instead, was a sid changer. Thats all I ever needed. Edited by ichko Monday, September 24, AM.

Monday, September 24, AM.



Windows 10 keeps restarting after sysprep free download. Sysprep Boot Loop


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Windows 10 keeps restarting after sysprep free download. Sysprep Boot Loop


Now install the Chocolatey. To do this, run the PowerShell console with administrator privileges. Enter the following commands:. Run the command:. On Windows 11, you can use the new built-in WinGet Package Manager to install the required software about programs available in WinGet repo. To install the same set of programs, run the command:. Download and extract the driver packages to a specific directory.

If you need to reboot Windows to install the application or update, you can do it. After reboot, the system will return to audit mode. You can clean up your driver repository from driver duplicates using our script. Windows 10 and 11 collect information about the operation of users on the computer.

Examples of handwriting and voice samples, location information, error reports, calendar contents — all of these can be sent to Microsoft servers. Run the elevated Command prompt, and execute the following commands:. Starting with Windows 8. Save the PSWindowsUpdate. Available updates will be downloaded from the Windows Update servers and installed automatically.

Use the following PowerShell script to remove the preinstalled Windows 11 apps:. Copy the list of commands for your Windows build, paste them into the PowerShell console, and press Enter:. If your computer has a static IP address configured, specify that the address should be obtained automatically from a DHCP server. You can do that in the network adapter settings.

You can use an answer file together with the System Preparation Sysprep tool. Is this problem fixable. LionL: I guess that a service prevents Windows to complete the setup e.

I don’t know if there is a way to resolve this problem. Abrham Fentabil July 2, pm. Chris June 29, pm. I’ve been struggling on this error for couple of days now. I’ve received the error above “”Windows could not finish configuring the system.

To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer”. Remove or unplug your USB hard drive and let it auto fix itself. Give it a shot. Hope this helps someone. Thank you works well just one question, my display look as if its in safety mood how do i fix this. Tom June 25, pm. This worked just fine! There were some other glitches, and it adjusted the Registry, but after all the bs it finally came back! Read a lot of posts, this was the only solution that worked.

I was getting a Winclone solution to work and this error came. This fix is the shit! Notee, I had previously tried the bcdedit trick, that did absolutely nothing for this Win7 64 problem. Fernando June 19, am.

Tommy June 17, pm. Thanks a lot! Your solution perfectly helps me solve the proplem! Frankly,I losed my heart and almost gave up before searching this page. Thank you, thought I had ruined the laptop but it’s working now. Thank you sooooo much for posting this and it’s easy to ubderstand for someone who dosnt know much about computers.

Kevin May 16, pm. You just saved my life dude! I have sooo much setup on my newish PC and I was just following a Tutorial on how to change my user files from the main drive to a secondary drive and screwed up somewhere. Your information has saved me hundreds of hours of setup again.

If you had a donation button then I would have sent you a ton of money! D May 12, pm. You Rock. This worked like a charm. So I am guessing the same that you stated that it is the AV that is installed and configured.

I’ve completed other images and didn’t configure the AV and had no problems. I was just being lazy and didn’t want to create a new image. Sean March 23, am. Arunkumar S Kammar March 8, am. Tu February 25, pm. Jhie February 10, pm. Whit February 7, pm. Ong thank you so much I was getting ready to trash my computer and finally found this!! Thank you so much really thank you.

Jordan chew February 7, pm. After doing wat you have say everything was ok but my internet explore is not working, how to fix it?

Vince February 2, am. I was stuck as well. This did get me going and appreciate that, But on to the next problem. Notes this is a home computer old users were deleted or at least no longer listed. During the process I had to create a new user. I don’t recall any one else mentioning this. The unfortunate outcome is that even thought this user was an administrator I don’t have access to old personal files pictures and personal papers. Window does lead your to a process for getting access as the administrator but it gets to a point where it will not give you access.

Also I had to repair drivers to get internet access going but explorer will not work. If you copied in SDelete If you created any custom templates, you can select the desired template from the Template Name menu.

Perform an analysis by clicking the Analyze button, the columns populate with the optimizations that you can perform. You see a check box before each optimization item, with some check boxes selected and others unselected. The selected items indicate those that are included for optimization. Some items are not selected for optimization by default because they can cause undesirable results.

Apply the tool to an unused system that has been built to match the configuration that you will deploy as virtual desktops or RDSH servers. From the Template Name drop-down menu in the left pane, select a built-in or custom template that matches the OS of the system you are optimizing. The optimizations for your selected template are listed in the main pane. Click Analyze to produce a list of optimizations for the selected template: Figure 9: Click the Analyze Button Defaults or previous selections: During an Analyze , a check is made to see if the golden image has already been optimized with the VMware Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon.

If it has, the previous selections are imported and used instead of the defaults. If the default selections are required, delete this file, relaunch the tool, and run Analyze.

The Optimizations column shows a list of selected and unselected items. You can compare the Expected Result column to the Actual Result column. If an item in the two columns is different, it means the setting for that item is not optimized. Most items have an icon indicating how important it is to optimize. Table 1: Optimization Importance Symbol Description Mandatory — You must apply the optimization to the item in the target system because of problems or issues that the Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon has identified.

Figure Analysis Summary Pane of Optimize Window The graphical chart makes it easy to review how close the analyzed system is to being optimally configured for best performance in terms of the optimization importance.

Review the list of selected and deselected items to be optimized. The template chosen will have optimizations selected by default. Select additional items that you want to optimize or deselect those you do not want to optimize by ticking or unticking the blue box next to an optimization. Figure Navigating and Selecting Individual Template Settings Caution: If the icon next to an item is a blue i , and it has been deselected by the Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon, selecting it for optimization can cause instability.

Common Options The Common Options button opens a window where the tabs allow you to choose and set preferences to control common functionality quickly and easily. Figure Common Options Optimization Settings These options normally involve configuring multiple individual settings. Figure Common Options Overview Visual Effect This allows you to select from several options to control the appearance and performance of Windows visual effects.

Figure Windows Store Applications Control in Common Options Background On the background page, you can select to change the default background wallpaper to a solid color. Figure 20 : Background Control Security Select whether to disable or enable various security features in Windows. Figure 21 : Security Selections Export and Import Selections You can export all of the optimizations that have selected, which allows you to import the selection if you run an optimization again, or to use the same selection on another golden image.

Export Results Before you optimize the golden image, you can export the analysis results to an HTML file for record keeping and to share with other personnel.

Figure Save Analysis Results Optimize the Golden Image When you are satisfied with the optimizations that you selected in the Optimizations column during the Analyze step, you are ready to perform the optimization. View Optimization History You can view the details of the optimization operations that you have performed.

Figure History Tab Click the History tab. Review the information for the optimization operations that you have performed. Figure Rollback Process Click the History tab. In the Template Name column, select the check box for the optimized entry that you want to roll back and click Rollback. When the Rollback operation is complete, click OK in the dialog box.

Generalize The Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon includes the Generalize feature to help in running the system preparation tool Sysprep with a supplied unattend answer file.

Figure Generalize window Before running the Generalize task, it is recommended that you install any required language packs. Time Zone — Select the appropriate time zone. Input Locale — Sets the Input language locale used by Sysprep. The drop-down list will only display installed language packs as valid selections. Autologon — Select if you want the local administrator account to automatically log on when Windows boots. Password — Set the password for the local administrator.

Copy Profile — Copies the built-in administrator profile to the default user profile, which is then used as a template for new user profiles. Automatic Restart — Automatically restarts Windows once the Generalize task has completed. Figure 31 : Generated Unattend Answer File If required, you can also enable the editor using the tick box, and manually edit the unattend answer file. Finalize The Windows OS Optimization Tool for Horizon includes the ability to automate and help with some of the common clean-up tasks that are typically run just before using the prepared image.

Extract SDelete Open the file properties of SDelete If there is, select it and apply to make sure that this executable will be allowed to run. Update Update makes it easy to re-enable Windows Update functionality on an image that has previously been optimized and had this disabled. The four steps should be run in order: Enable — Changes the required registry values, local group policy, and enables the required services. You can run the Windows Update process as often as required and reboot, if necessary, before progressing to the next step.

Restore — Returns all settings to their original values. This also disables scheduled tasks that get regenerated when a Windows Update runs.

Recommendations — After updating Windows, it is recommended that you rerun an Optimize using your original optimization settings and then a Finalize task. If the -o is not specified, no optimization is performed. If no level is specified, the default selected items will be optimized.

The file is created by using the UI and the Optimize page. First Analyze, select the desired Common Options settings and select or unselect any necessary individual selections. Then use the Export Selections button to create the json file. This option cannot be used with the Common Options commands.

The template can be a template name in the default template repository, or the absolute path of a template file. Examples Generate an analysis report, without performing any optimization. Disable : Do not synchronize current user registry settings to the default user.

Visual Effect Specify the visual effects level. Balanced : Turns off all of the visual effects settings apart from Smooth edges of font screens and Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop. Quality : Leaves all visual effects settings turned on.

This prioritizes the user experience but will consume more resources. Enablehardwareacceleration : Enables hardware acceleration for various applications. Recommended when using GPU cards in the host servers. Example Optimize using the default template with the default selected items and setting the common options of visual effect to performance.

Searchboxasicon : Shows the search box as a magnifying glass icon on the taskbar and not an input field. Examples Optimize using the default template with the default selected items but leaving Cortana enabled. Remove-all : Removes all of the windows store applications. Examples Optimize using the default template with the default selected items and removing all of the Windows Store Apps apart from the alarms and calculator applications.

Example Optimize using the default template with the default selected items and set the background to sky blue. Antivirus Specify whether to enable or disable the OS built-in antivirus. Security Center Specify whether to enable or disable Security Center. Generalize Generalizing the Windows image removes computer-specific information so that the image can be safely cloned and deployed throughout the enterprise. If none is provided, the built-in sysprep answer file is used.

Notes : To be able to generalize, Windows must be in audit mode. Windows will need to reboot after finishing Generalize. A Generalize operation can be carried out at the same time as an Optimize operation. A Generalize operation cannot be carried out at the same time as a Finalize operation. Examples Generalize using a supplied Sysprep unattend answer file.

Optimizes the. NET Framework. Should be run after an update of. Reduces the size of the WinSxS folder by uninstalling and deleting packages with components that have been replaced by other components with newer versions. Should be run after a Windows update. Enables CompactOS to compress specific Windows system files to free up space. Can take several minutes to execute. Deletes temporary and unnecessary files.

Examples Finalize, running all the tasks. The following example optimizes, applying the default selected items and: Disables system notifications. Removes all the Windows Store Apps apart from the Photos application.

Runs the Generalize operation using a provided Sysprep answer file. Sets Visual Effects to performance. Leaves Windows Update enabled. Sets the background to light sea green. Runs all the finalize tasks. These custom tasks include: Install and configure VMware Tools.

Install and configure the Horizon Agent. Install and configure the App Volumes Agent. Copy the osot. Copy the VMware folder and its contents to the root of your Deployment Share.

Check that the executable is not restricted by Windows security. In reply to Betty D. Schuler’s post on December 14, Hi, so my pc never goes in automatic repair even when I perform a hard shut down. Try this option. You can also select the Settings app from the app list. If you’re looking to recover your instance of Windows 10 from an external source, you may want to look into a Recovery Drive. You can either choose to keep your personal files and only remove downloaded apps and settings, or you can wipe everything and start from scratch.

Each choice will also give you an additional setting to change. If you choose Keep my files, apps and settings will default to what they were when the PC was brand new.

This setting can be turned off by clicking the Change settings link and switching it off. If you choose Remove everything, there’s also a way to remove your personal files while saving apps and settings.

You should make sure that your installation media is from a valid source. Then check to see if the error disappears. Jonny, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is a technical writer and technology enthusiast who still fiddles with computers and tech toys in his spare time. He believes technology should bring users satisfaction, not annoyance, so he writes to help people overcome their tech troubles.

To install Driver Easy Click. Jonny Lin Last Updated: 3 years ago. It is possible to fix this error.

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