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Unable to join domain windows 10 greyed out free download

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I have a problem with a Windows 7 PC that had been a member of the domain. FQDN allows for standardized naming convention. It’s a different scenario but essentially the rownload concept: trying to remove a computer from a domain when it can’t contact the DC. Instead of doing that we can just reset the secure channel.

How to troubleshoot no “Switch User” option in Windows 10/11? — Auslogics Blog


I get the message ” no access server is currently available to open the session ” translated from french , so the english message can be slightly different Note that with a local session I can see and access the shared folders mydomainsharedfolder on the domain pdc, meaning that i can eliminate an authentication or dns problem Same behaviour on all laptops However if I do a clean install of Windows 10 Pro, and create the password for the administrative account.

After getting it all setup, I add it to the domain on the network. I can log in with the login info from the Active Directory Server.

Now the problem I run into, is say if I want to even change a file name, it asks for the Administrative username and password, at which point I have to enter ComputernameUser for the username then Password when the pop up happens. Is there a way I can remove that? It doesn’t seem to do that on any Windows 7 pro to Win 10 Pro upgrades though. And I have several more machines to do clean installs.

We have a peer to peer network, with one Win 10 machine acting as server – which we call server which shares several hard drives for everyone in the office to access. It has network discovery on, file and printer sharing on, turn off password protected sharing off. It has all the drives named and shared properly so everyone has full access. All the other Win 7, and Win 8 machines have complete access as designed. Another Win 10 machine has complete access as designed.

All machines are part of the same workgroup Engineer. My machine is a Lenovo laptop which was upgraded from Win 8 to Win When I try to access the Win 10 machine which is acting as server , I get the Enter Network credentials pop-up asking for Username and Password which we do not use nor have ever set up on the Win 10 machine or any other.

I know that there are several posts that have the Enter Network credentials popping up, but the difference is that their screenshot showed them as part of a workgroup. My System Properties information Notice that the example above which is part of the workgroup has no reference to a domain. My pop-up on the Laptop shows reference to a domain, and whats interesting is that the domain is the computer name of the laptop itself.

There are no domains set up on any machine of our peer to peer network. This error started happening only on computers with installed.

I tried some Google searches but all I see are relevant to 7 or 8, not Windows It must have been something changed between RTM and that did it, too. When I refurbish computers for our employees, I wipe the hard drive completely either diskpart “clean” via the recovery shell, or using DBAN to wipe the partition table if I can’t get into WinRE.

I then boot it up using network boot. I put the Windows 10 Enterprise Version I let the employees do that themselves. Please consult your system administrator. If they put their password in again, it goes through and all the initial settings are applied from our Group Policy Objects. It only shows up for “normal” users which are not part of admins. Nothing critical by any means as it will always work on the second try, but I’m really curious why it happens at all.

What service is it even trying to connect to? The fact it happens on literally every computer it even happens in VMWare images which I’ve done to test GPO settings would imply it’s not a problem with a particular machine, rather something in our domain. Or it’s possible there’s a GPO that was set years ago for Windows 7 that didn’t cause any detrimental effects until now. I have my own domain’s email which uses Outlook itself.

I can login via Live. Microsoft has provided me the following mail configuration in the Outlook. I have poor eyesight and have setup high contrast to see things better in windows In windows 7 I did not have this issue, I used the classic theme, and just set the fonts all bold, no problem. I think I set the DPI also to a larger setting. But I have a problem setting up personalization settings when it comes to colors now.

It does not seem to affect windows apps already installed on the computer, but. When I open this up the background is white and the text is an unreadable light gold color. In general if I set my theme to a normal without high contrast most of the text in all apps and programs is a light gray color, which I can barely read.

I’ve played with my ASUS monitor settings some and been able to get more contrast. My system icons icons are greyed out, like Volume and Power, so I can not enable them. After setup they work just fine, then they disappear. It is either caused by my settings or: I wonder, when custom power and sound card drivers gets installed, they get lost?

SFC scan does nothing. By playing with settings and closing explorer. My sound card audio service, Windows audio are running.

I’ve been using Windows 10 for a few weeks now and I was looking to get Cortana to work. However, Cortana tells me that I need to allow it to access contacts. I clicked settings and I saw that all the settings were on, but were grayed out. When I take a look at some of the other settings, some are also grayed out and some are not.

When I go to the general tab, I get this: Sometimes if I look through the privacy settings, the settings app just crashes for no reason without warning and I’m left confused and unable to enable Cortana.

I am running Windows 10 on my Dell Desktop. I am trying to download some apps via the Microsoft Store. I am getting the “Free” button to download greyed over. It is happening with every app. I have a brand new Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 on Windows I just noticed today that it would not auto rotate and that the option for Rotation Lock in Action Center and in the Display Setting is greyed out.

Domain joins using the FQDN also fail. To resolve this issue either delete the NT4Emulator registry value on the Active Directory domain controllers in the destination domain if Windows NT 4. Otherwise, set the following registry value on the Windows 7 or Windows Server R2 client before attempting to join the domain:. This registry setting allows the Active Directory domain controllers with the NT4Emulator setting to respond normally to the requesting client avoiding Windows NT 4.

In the case of the join by FQDN, the joining client does not receive an adequate response to the LDAP pings it sends to the domain controllers at the beginning of the domain join process. The helper domain controller responds but the joining client considers the response incomplete. After receiving the same replies from all domain controllers located using DNS, it falls back to performing a NetBIOS name query for the FQDN domain name to locate a domain controller, however this gets no response and the join operation fails.

However it receives no adequate response and fails with the second error. Feedback will be sent to Microsoft: By pressing the submit button, your feedback will be used to improve Microsoft products and services. Privacy policy.


Windows Server / Group Policy security settings – 4sysops › en-us › windows › forum › all › unable-to-see-pc. I cannot try to join the workgroup from any of the PC’s. The Network ID button nis greyed out. My PC 1 PC is wired. The other 3 in.


Unable to join domain windows 10 greyed out free download

You can choose an imageres. Smile The classic way to fix this problem is to unjoin and rejoin the domain. This site in other languages x. The status should update to ” Running Active ” after a few minutes. Data loss prevention DLP is a handy feature in Microsoft that shields data.

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