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1: To whom it may concern:

I met Cathleen in 2015 and I had the opportunity to work in a management team with her. She is one of those people well known for intelligence, work ethic, positive attitude, teamwork mentality, leadership professionalism and diligence. Cathleen is well respected throughout the company and the Financial & Insurance Industry. For being the “go-to” person for numerous things; a certain skill, for getting things done, for meeting short deadlines and for having the patience in training new advisors. Throughout the time I’ve know her, she has shown me time and again that she is a positive, motivated, trustworthy, and professional leader and Advisor with amazing potential. During her time at our company, she played an important role in organizing and spearheading company staff and client events, recruiting events, community volunteering opportunities for the company and staff and gaining accolades for the office. In fact, she was so affective in this organization that in her first year, she earned the rank of #1 Team Builder across Canada for our organization, by growing our team. Her warm and professional personality is an even balance when she provides service to both advisors and clients, helping them reach heir goals as if they are part of her family. In summation, due to her great attitude, dedication, and excellent potential, I heartily recommend that you work with Cathleen, either as a client or an advisor. I am sure that she would not let you down and would be as great an asset to you as she was for our advisors and clients.

Bryan Panganiban – QAFP, CHS™, EPC, B.Comm(hons)

2: To whom it may concern,

When it comes to wealth management and insurance services, we confidently declare that Cathleen embodies the Gold Standard of her profession. For many years, Cathleen’s conscientious care, keen attention to detail, and extensive experience has given us one of our most valuable assets: peace of mind. Knowing that Cathleen is genuinely invested in safeguarding our interests allows us to sleep well at night. As seniors with decades of business experience, we know that there are no substitutes for trust and reliability. And these are the qualities which Cathleen possesses in abundance. We wholeheartedly encourage you to put Cathleen’s warm personality and diligent character to work for you. At the end of the day, Cathleen goes above and beyond the call of duty. You can rest assured that she will protect your wellbeing as though you were a member of her own family.

Conrado & Ilene Limcaco
Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

3: February 5, 2020


I was so happy and excited to learn that MS. CATHLEEN BASCO is still in the business of helping others Like myself in the field of excellent financial services. I have had the pleasure of working with her in both personal and business capacities which have proven to be both beneficial and very satisfactory for my
interests, particularly in financial planning. I would certainly attest to her professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to excellent service above and beyond my expectations. It has always been a pleasant experience dealing with Cathleen as she is very well versed and more than aptly knowledgeable in her chosen field. It goes without saying that I highly recommend her and commend her for her exemplary service.

Donato D. Tecson
CEO / Founder
Rainbow Wave Productions Inc.

January 2012

I have known Ms. Basco for quite some time now and have dealt with her in several levels of personal
and professional circumstances.
From a personal perspective, Ms. Basco is a very pleasant, cheerful and positive person. She is
genuinely caring and helpful whenever she has the chance to extend her time and effort. Due to her
down-to-earth nature, she is very easy to confide in and seek advice from. I am blessed to have Ms.
Basco cross paths with me and I treasure her presence in my life.
From a professional stand point, I am confident to have availed the services of Ms. Basco regarding my
insurance and investment needs. She was very patient, knowledgeable, cooperative, efficient and
caring. She treated me like her own family in regards to what I truly require for my insurance needs.
She not only explained different proposals patiently and willingly but truly acknowledged what would be
best for me. She does not treat her clients like customers but rather as a special individual whom she
caters to with cheerfulness and care and not just a “business acquaintance”.

Katherine Valcourt
Business Owner

4: September 2021

To whom it may concern:

I’ve known Cathleen for over 10 years now. What started off as a personal investment with insurance in 2011 turned from business-centric to an unexpected, personalized experience. Let’s face it, we need insurance. It really is the best thing we can do for our loved ones. However, the industry sells on fear of the “what if’s” and most agents will sell on this fear, leaving the customer feeling like they had no choice. Dealing with Cathleen, I came out knowing that I had a choice every step of the way. She kept in mind my needs, the needs of my “new family” and the means in which I had available to me at the time. Cathleen provided options, details and was available literally anytime to answer my questions. There was never any pressure. If I had serious doubts, Cathleen would do her homework (surely on her own time) to see if there were other options to address those concerns. Some would say maybe an overwhelming amount. But how could that be a bad thing when it’s about taking care of myself and my family. Even when it came to renewal (10+ years later), Cathleen has taken the time to keep me within my means and still provide the best possible options. She has personalized her work with the same kindness and excitement she lives her personal life. She comes with so much experience and knowledge. As her customer, friend, family, colleague, or stranger when she greets you, you are the only person in the world that matters. I am definitely privileged to have met Cathleen. Congratulations on everything you have achieved! May the universe bless you with even more.

Melvine C., RN
Edmonton, AB

5: Cathleen Basco is one of the kindest and most caring individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.

As retirement and elder care specialist myself, I understand the qualities that are required to not only work in the industry, but to truly care about the client. Cathleen embodies these characteristics; In addition to her extensive industry knowledge, she is caring, kind, empathetic, and honest. In my years of working with Cathleen I have known her to exhibit compassion and caring in all that she does. As a communicator Cathleen has the unique ability to deliver complex information in a simple and clear way. This attribute makes working with her a breeze as she is able to clearly show not only the steps going forward, but to help the client to clearly understand why each step is necessary. Cathleen is the perfect person for you to work with no matter your insurance or planning needs.

Rik Kraushar, CFP®, RRC, CHS™, CEA, CPCA

6: To whom it may concern:

Cathleen has a caring, goal-driven, adventurous personality and always has a smile on her face. We have known Cathleen for 20 years and has become a close family friend. Cathleen has a big heart and the love she has for her family and friends is tremendous. She introduced our family to Life & Critical Illness insurance 18 years ago when she first began her career in the industry. Cathleen is extremely knowledgeable about life insurance and answers any questions we have in a timely and efficient manner. It is a pleasure to have Cathleen not only as a friend, but also as our Insurance/Financial advisor because her professionalism and work ethic is impeccable. Cathleen is passionate about the work she does. We highly recommend her!”

Rose Baust (Community Health Worker)
Errol Baust (Retired Truck Driver)

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