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JPR Solutions. Aim: The present work is aimed to develop a simple, rapid, selective, sensitive and validated HPLC method for the determination of fulvestrant in bulk drug.

The retention time of fulvestrant was found to be The percentage recovery of fulvestrant was found to be The method was linear over the concentration range of 0. Both intraday and inter day accuracy and precision data showed good reproducibility.

Nagi Zomrawi. In the past, positioning, tracking, mapping and navigation depend largely on astronomical observations that consist of measuring position of the sun or particular stars. Thus, orientation of any line or position – latitude, and longitude – of point can be determined.

On the other hand, field observations of the relative positions of points can be plotted and oriented to produce a map. Map can also be produced directly by plotting referenced positions of measured points. Today, these techniques are no longer be used. This is so, because astronomical field procedures and computations are difficult and time consuming. In this research work, tracking and mobile mapping system was developed.

This system allows continuous observation of coordinates using GPS receiver. These coordinates are then either transmitted in a stream mode automatically through android streamer or sent point by point, to a web page including a satellite image covering the target area.

Thus observed points can immediately be appeared in the computer monitor. These points can then be saved as track or map. The developed system assists to track vehicles or peoples at a distance. Alat ini juga sudah melakukan pengambilan data didua tempat yaitu kampus UGM dan Parangtritis yang mana tingkat kecepatan angin di kedua tempat tersebut masih dalam kondisi aman , yaitu kampus UGM rata-rata kecepatan anginnya 2,0 Knot sedangkan pantai Parangtritis 12,2 Knot.

Vivian Budnik , Michael Gorczyca. Mats Forsman. Mosquitoes are thought to function as mechanical vectors of Francisella tularensis subspecies holarctica F. We investigated the clinical relevance of transstadially maintained F. Aedes egypti larvae exposed to a fully virulent F. Mice injected with the mosquito homogenates acquired tularemia within 5 days.

This novel finding demonstrates the possibility of transmission of bacteria by adult mosquitoes having acquired the pathogen from their aquatic larval habitats. Netherlands heart journal : monthly journal of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology and the Netherlands Heart Foundation.

Berry Van Gelder. We report our experience with lead extraction in patients with an implantable cardioverter defibrillator ICD and discuss the indications for extraction in these patients. Lead extraction was performed with a laser sheath Excimer if traction with a locking device was insufficient.

New leads were implanted during the same procedure, if applicable. Shock leads were successfully extracted in 16 patients and additional pace-sense leads in seven patients. Read More. Click stars to rate this APP! Newsletter Submit. Adobe Systems Incorporated. Web Development. HTML Tools. Publisher: Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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Key adobe dreamweaver cs3 free download

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