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Elder Care Planning

Making end-of-life arrangements is a difficult and emotional task. There are many decisions, and the expenses are often unexpected.

Whether you’re planning a traditional church service followed by a graveside ceremony, a simple cremation without a service, or an uplifting celebration of life with decor, live music, catering and more, we want to help you understand the costs involved in funeral, cremation and memorial services.

As a certified Elder Care Planning Counsellor, EPC™, my specialization focuses on advising elders in financial, social, health, and estate planning:

A few items to consider

Aging and Health Issues

  • How some health issues such as chronic conditions, dementia, and nutrition and fitness that influence our aging population.
  •  Common needs, wants, and concerns that you or your aging parents may have.
  • How age, gender, and ethnicity can affect how you or our aging parents or loved ones act when working with professionals

Social and Psychological Issues

  • Plans for care as well as estate planning are discussed.

  • Long-term care, general caregiving, housing options, and end-of-life planning.

Financial Issues

  • Medical Care benefits, retirement planning, legacy planning (related to estate planning)

  • Travel and or living abroad

  • Income tax

Communication and Other Timely Issues

Overall, my goal and commitment is to help my clients deal with challenges that arise as they and / or their loved one ages, including handling the social aspects of aging, communication strategies, information on elder fraud and financial exploitation.

Final Expenses Coverage

The average funeral in Canada can cost between $5,000 and $10,000, a cost that would be a burden on your family without a plan in place to cover it ahead of time. Additionally, there are other final costs such as legal and medical fees and estate taxes, altogether known as Final Needs planning.

We offer life insurance products that are designed to cover your final needs expenses, whether it’s to supplement a funeral plan, or as part of a wider solution to managing your last will. Our funeral plans help address your specific health and financial needs to provide a qualified solution that you can depend on.

Benefits Of Plans May Include:

. Cover the costs of final needs planning, including, but not limited to, funeral costs;

· Settle final taxes and legal fees associated with managing your estate;

· Pay off your outstanding debts so your family won’t need to;

· Help you arrange for expert aid with drafting a will, appointing an executor, and other final needs considerations

We offer a variety of plans from many Canadian providers to offer you the best rates on life insurance to help you find you a plan that matches your budget and unique circumstances to cover funeral expenses and more.

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