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I had a lot of fun with the first game, but Commandos 2 Men of Courage somehow manages to be even better! This is a series that I feel is one of the best of its kind. Yes, it is strategic, but the game has puzzle-solving and a great deal of action as well.

It is just an awesome experience and I will always spend a few hours playing it when I fire it up. Once again, you are in the heat of the battle of World War II. I like how they try to be historically accurate when possible here. I would not say that the story is as deep as some of the more modern games that are set during World War II. However, I did get pretty invested as I waged war through the games 10 main story missions. Commandos 2 Men of Courage gives you control of the same six elite commandos that you had in the first game.

What I like about this is that these commandos had the perfect amount of abilities in the first game. However, they kicked things up a notch by giving them a few new ones. The Sniper for example can now climb up to higher points, the Diver can use throwing knives and the Green Beret can do more athletic stuff. This is just a small example of what the original crew can do. We also have three new commandos. The Thief is great for getting into tight spaces and then we have Whisky who is a dog and he is awesome.

Each mission gives you a subset of commandos to use and it is up to you to figure out how to do so. Commandos 2 Men of Courage has over 20 missions for you to do. There is also a couple of training missions that teach you the basics of the game, but these are a lot of fun and ease you into things.

Each mission is like a puzzle, a puzzle that you have to figure out. Your commandos need to be moved into position and you need to make use of their unique abilities to complete each mission. It is the kind of thing that sounds simple and easy, but it is so deep and engrossing that you will be hooked. I love how even though the game is difficult, it is not unfairly difficult. I could probably talk about Commandos 2 Men of Courage for hours on end not get bored.

This is one of my favorite games of the early s and I feel that it has aged like a fine wine. It is pretty much perfect in every way and it is so good that my main complaint is that I wish there was more of it!

I will say that the PC version is the one that you want to play as the console version is not quite as good. The whole Commandos success is a mystery to some.

The insane difficulty for beginners and the repetitive gameplay motif of ‘throw cigarettes, knock out the Nazi and hide the body’ means that not everybody can appreciate this sequel, the pinnacle of the series and one of the best WWII games ever made. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an RTS, mind – that way lies disappointment.

Instead, Commandos creates a genre all of its own, often imitated with poor results, in which vast, intricate maps are filled with puzzles that can only be solved with observation, cunning and perfect timing. The different skills possessed by each of your commandos the spy can distract, the thief can climb through windows and so on gives you plenty of options when trying to think yourself out of a tricky situation.

Your closest ally, though, is the quicksave button: you will fail a dozen times each step of the way before getting it right. But then, that’s half the fun. What really makes this a magnificent title though, is the detail that brings each scenario alive. The scale might be tiny, but the levels feel huge, with Colditz Castle, the Eiffel Tower and other locations brought to life with flair and imagination. These design touches make each assignment exciting, like using bait in tropical waters to attract fish to camouflage you from enemy divers.

Forget Commandos 3 and get this for a fiver. A sweeping generalisation it may well be, but unlike us high and mighty tommy Englander pig-dogs, Germans seem quite comfortable pulling their cultural skeletons out of the wardrobe. Take the subject of war for instance; when it comes to computer games where Nazis get killed on screen, they love it.

Just to back up my point, the original Commandos has sold more than two million copies worldwide, , of which were bought by people with mullets. That’s a lot of mullets, I think you’ll agree. Anyway, Commandos 2 is coming out and it looks great. As before, the aim is to get your covert specialists through the war alive, and at the same time save prisoners, blow bridges and generally disrupt the German war effort from behind enemy lines.

Returning for a second tour of duty are the characters from game one, each of whom will have been through some extra training, meaning they’ll have new skills to make use of – such as being able to swim underwater. Three new characters will be making their debut a thief, a lady called Natasha and, maybe, a dog , as will a number of walk-in parts from regular soldiers, which players will be able to control, albeit with limitations.

The idea, it seems, is to give players a few characters at whose loss the game doesn’t have to be restarted. Obviously, such troops, though handy in firefight, shouldn’t be relied upon to do a commandos work.

The intelligence of the Germans has been beefed up considerably, with a noticeable difference in behaviour between the German ranks. Officers will point and shout and will always graciously let his NCOs into a room before himself – usually into a hail of bullets – fun to watch if nothing else. Pyro are aiming for approximately 70 to 80 hours of gameplay, so the number of missions could change from the planned 12, but considering the size of the levels one even accurately maps the entire grounds of Colditz Castle that seems unlikely.

As well as the Colditz mission, there is plenty that borrows from the war movies of our youth. There’s a nod to the final battle of Saving Private Ryan, a few choice moments from Where Eagles Dare, plus a rather famous bridge across the river Kwai hopefully your task is to blow it rather than build it.

Vehicles will be more integral to success this time around, and there’ll be more of them. Taking control of the tank will of course be the highlight, and if you manage to crew it with two of your men, you can make short work of any retreating Germans. Watching the turret cannon recoil while the tank rolls back on its tracks is truly a work of art in terms of animation.

Commandos 2, though some months away, is certainly worth getting excited about. The fact that you can choose which characters you want to take on each mission, as well as start each mission in a number of different places, just goes to show how much Pyro has listened to fans of the original game. We are promised an easier time of it this time around, with a rich and fully interactive environment to play toy soldiers in.

If you’re British, you’re going to love it. If you’re German, as I partially am, you’re going to love it even more. Gott im Himmel! There’s no doubt about it -Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines was a bloody hard game. If you played it, you can no doubt imagine the scenario: studying the map for hours on end before making a single move; setting up a multiplicity of cameras to capture the viewpoint from every conceivable position; painstakingly mapping out the perfect route in your mind; then moving your soldier slightly more than an inch to your right five seconds later and getting filled with more holes than an explosion in a sieve factory.

Ho hum, time to start again unless you constantly used the quicksave key, you lily-livered scum. Commandos required almost perfect timing as you navigated your team of hardened warriors past countless dangers in order to complete your objectives. To some, it was strategy heaven, to others it was as exciting as defragging the hard drive – but bollocks to that lot, eh? They didn’t get this sequel rammed up the commission pipe, did they?

Thankfully, to ease things a tad for the less cerebral among us, the skills exclusive to each member are available to all others in a reduced capacity, meaning that losing one doesn’t mean having to start all over again not to say you shouldn’t keep all your men intact.

Whatever the case, there are some new cases joining the original line-up Green Beret, spy, driver sniper, sapper, dance instructor and marine. First off there’s an obedient dog by the name of Whisky, aiding you in your continuing assault against the march of fascism.

As can probably be guessed, Whisky doesn’t have much in the way of special abilities, but he is able to act as delivery boy, shuttling weapons and equipment between team members without attracting that bully Hun’s attention.

Of course, it isn’t long before the other side is fighting back, placing freshly mown lawns and other dogs’ arses in the way of our wily canine’s destinations.

Oh, and call us sick and wrong, but the chance to strap a barrel-load of explosives on to the dog’s back and throw his favourite ball through the window of the nearest Nazi mess hall sounds like a winning tactic. But you don’t have to worry your pretty little heads about inflicting such cruelty on poor old Whisky, animal lovers: chances are he’ll never make it past Level 6’s ‘Sausage Factor mission.

Of course, if you’re going to have a dog in the game, you’re best to balance it out with a bit of skirt as well, aren’t you?

Step forward Natasha Nikochevski, seductress extraordinaire. Natasha has the enviable ability to turn the enemies’ heads in her direction as she pouts and glides, distracting Jerry as our boys sneak past and give them a right good shoeing Natasha letting fly a hefty kick to the Fuhrers as well.

Mind you, with the war going on as long as it did, what with every man being locked up for months on end with nothing but a company of sweaty, grunting males, they might as well have sent in a walrus wearing a blonde wig for precisely the same effect. Or, if we’re to believe the more extremes of anti-Nazi propaganda, they could just send in the dog see, boys and girls, didn’t we tell you that a barking bomb’s the only humane way to an honourable end for our loveable hound?

Then there’s Lupin, the thief who sneaks about in the shadows avoiding the guards’ detection far more easily than anyone else on the team. He’ll be used for picking pockets and getting past locked doors then.

And let’s not forget the chance to give minor commands to NPCs, setting up ambushes and decoys to aid you in your violent crusade. From the footage we’ve seen, the animation of each character is looking mighty impressive.

While die cartoonish look of the original is still retained, the models have been given a thorough working to ensure that they look as realistic in their environment as possible. The backgrounds, too, show a higher level of artistic detail than we’ve seen before.

The Sim City alike ability to rotate the landscape through degree horizontal increments is a welcome inclusion for those who were irritated when inconveniently placed structures obscured the action. Even better, though, is the news that the all-new interior locations are fully rotatable through a full degrees.

Ignoring the fact that the rooms seem to reside in an existentially lightless void, it’s a nice touch and should allow you to traverse the claustrophobic confines of bases and barracks with much greater strategic precision. It also helps that the resolution has been upped to today’s cosmetic requirements of x instead of the shoddy x today’s resolution equivalent of Brian May.

Besides, it’s a good job that the resolution’s been increased because the playing areas are reportedly far bigger in size than before not that they weren’t big enough to do the job last time. Although to level this out, instead of the 24 missions of the first, the number’s been halved to a dozen though Pyro promises that just as much time will be spent playing the game. The PC Speculate-O-Tron keeps its fingers crossed which is a bit hard for a machine, believe me that the large areas don’t lead to sloppy play dynamics as the lengthy missions drag on interminably.

Still, early days, eh? It was always a surprise that the original Commandos was such a big hit. It never relied on a flashy campaign or over-hyped enthusiasm to sell it. Whether it’s just because it’s a good game or whether it’s got anything to do with the post-post-WW2 generation’s unconscious desire to re-enact the glory and machismo of war in a disillusioned, slack society is anyone’s guess or someone qualified to write about the subject at least.

Whatever the case, it all looks rather delicious. While most improvements seem to be generally cosmetic, here’s hoping that the large interactive environments and additional characters lead to something truly special in the play department. We’ve already had one data disk looking remarkably similar to the original, we don’t need another.


Commandos Behind Enemy Lines – Download for PC Free

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Header Ads Widget. Commandos is Shooting Game and released in By. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is first series. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines have two modes. Single and Multiplayer. Now I am Tell you in few lines about this Game. I hope when you play then lot of fun you feel. Each Character has a powers and fighting skills. In this game you shots enemies. Enemies are German soldiers. So you alert like enemies.

This is short lines abou game. One reason is I am tell you game System Requirements. Because you are able to run this game. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines is a single player real-time tactics computer game developed by Spanish company Pyro Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. The first installment in the “Commandos” series, the game was released in and is set in wartime Europe and Africa where a group of six Allied Commandos performs missions using small unit tactics.

Each Commando has a unique set of skills and tools determined by his class which forces the player to establish cooperation among them so that further progress can be made. The objectives vary from sabotages to rescuing allied informants and assassinations. Commandos employs an isometric view with a whole map visible, thus allowing player to think out a strategy and its execution in advance. The same system was later used in the expansion pack Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty released in as well as in two installments Commandos 2: Men of Courage and Commandos 3: Destination Berlin released in and respectively.

Two Types of System Requirements are given below. Commando Behind Enemy Lines Download. Tags: Blog. Popular Posts. Random Posts. Menu Footer Widget. Privacy Policy Terms of service. Game Name. Commandos Behind Enemy Lines. Developer s. Publisher s. Platform s. Release date s.


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