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Making a software purchase in the hope that it’ll get free updates that include the features you want is a good way to be disappointed. Anyone who has purchased early-access video games would know this. And I try my best not to get suckered into any kind of subscriptions. It is just wrong to buy software on subscription as you loose access when the timer runs out. Yes, you summed it up pretty well there! The only exception to this practice seems to be the Affinity suite of softwares that they keep on updating, year after year without asking for more money.

For quite a period of time and even today, somewhat the business model of paying a single time and then getting unlimited updates for the rest of your life was certainly an exception to the rule. Usually you might expect feature updates for a brief period of time, followed by security updates or no updates at all. If the users aren’t putting more money into new versions of the software, the developers would have to either continuously grow the user base, or they would have to find some other revenue source.

Anyway, the point is, if you buy a perpetual license for software and then you find that it’s not getting updated with new features, I don’t think anyone should be surprised or even disappointed by that outcome. No matter what, “house always wins”. Great, I bought Capture One 21 not that long ago and I’m not eligible for the free upgrade. Doesn’t quite seem fair to be honest. To be honest, HDR merging and panorama stitching are features I can live without so I question whether the upgrade in December will be beneficial to me at all.

I love the interface. Created for Windows, with the Windows familiar menus and interface. No half-ars frustrating Apple interface conversion to Windows. The more I tried C1 since version 11, now on 21, for Sony , the more I hated its interface. As for benefits and pricing policies, etc. If you’re only going to use it for a couple of months to try it out, choose monthly fee. If you’re always updating everything to the latest version, get the yearly fee.

If you’re not planning to upgrade until you upgrade your camera, and you do that every 3 or 4 years, get the perpetual licence. Just don’t get the perpetual licence expecting it to be updated, or the yearly and complain it wasn’t updated enough I agree.

I bought C1 not that long ago and don’t qualify for the free upgrade, boo! As it is, C1 21 does more than I need it to, which is to add my own simple colour style to my images. I doubt the newer version adds anything critical for me so could easily wait a good number of years before upgrading. I was always skipping one version before updating, but with current price policy of Phase One, that doesn’t seem possible anymore.

C1 has the worst licensing models. I bought it because of its perpetual promise which falls flat the moment you get a new camera but want to be using the same limited functions in the version you bought.

What they did with the Pentax z unsupported BS is also cringe worthy, nobody is asking them to support z, they purposely block it even though its the same sensor for fuji , hassy, phase one. If it was a small payment for existing users, it would be fine but C1 charges a whole new program price for minor upgrades.

As many mentioned below, every year the updrading just renders the “life-time” meaning less. The actual benefit of upgrading is questionable, but obviously it tries to force you to pay the “annual fee”, even you chose a “life time license”.

Another good example is that as a subscriber, the upgrading is free! It tries to be better than Adobe, but anyone with a proper brain would realize that these is no difference. I am still using my lightroom 6 and adobe creative cs5. All I have to do is convert to dng. If they added features that i really care about maybe I will upgrade, I am not a digital artist.

I think i got capture 1 pro 12 on sale for half off still using it. All that money i saved all those years haha. It just seems like they’re not even trying anymore, and I’m not sure they even have software developers working on certain programs I guess, at least if you buy it outright, not only do you own a copy of the software, you are not forced into upgrading and can run the version you own for as long as you like and as long as you don’t need any newer features.

Subscriptions keep you paying money as if you would automatically upgrade to every new version and you loose the software the moment you stop paying. The C1 styles are the single worst thing I have ever wasted my money on.

Cost a fortune, all are a pretty poor. Do what I do and make your own styles. It really isn’t that hard. I would never purchase styles when I have bought the software that makes it possible for me to create my own. Most style packs come with maybe only one or two styles you would actually use anyway. Their styles are a complete waste of money for me.

The fact they went down this road to try to improve revenue weakens the product because you can not use standard LUTs to colour grade. I don’t expect any company to sell software and update it perpetually for a one-time fee. That’s not a recipe for survival. But I do expect upgrading to be optional, based on the benefits offered. No bang, no buck.

Stitching and decent HDR would be something worth paying for. The ability to open files from 5 new cameras I don’t own would not be worth anything, yet I pay Adobe every month, regardless. The lifetime licence means the software won’t time-out after a while.

It doesn’t get you updates past the first year They hope users to upgrade, like every other software manufacturer. But you don’t have to, contrary to a subscription model. It’s easy to create your own styles, based on your own liking and taste.

I don’t pay a subscription fee as, like you say, I don’t want to pay for features I wont use. Also subscriptions only have two or three different versions of the software and after a while they drop the oldest version so you’d be forced to upgrade if you find a particular version you like. I prefer the ‘one off’ cost, then I can upgrade to a newer version several years down the line, therefore saving money in the long run. We should be able to have a one off purchase on software and free camera compatibility upgrades.

To me this would be the main reason to getting C1. They still have to spend time and effort supporting the R3, presumably they would have to charge you more for 21 in order to cover those costs Well it isn’t like they charge you extra money to support your new camera profile.

Instead they also charge you money to support ALL the other cameras included in an upgrade. So you are in essence paying for a support library far greater than your needs. It is one thing I liked about adobe. After all profile support should in fact not cost extra. At least not hundreds of euros. It is work they need to do anyways after all.

I’m on v20 right now but an upgrade will end up running me as much as a full license when it goes on sale, so unless they don’t run as many sales in the future or also put the upgrades on sale they’ve really devalued their upgrade pricing. Please stop parroting marketing BS. This is not a lifetime license. But five years down the line, when you are forced to purchase a newer version compatible with your OS and or current camera RAW files, think of the money you saved not having to pay the subscription fee for five years.

In this way they will continue taking your money indefinitely. At the end of the day, there is no difference to Adobe model. If you are on MacOS, then yes the program will only be good for max 5 years before an os upgrade will break it. But on windows, well i still use Photoshop CS2 and I can’t see any reason to upgrade it.

And I still use Visual Basic 6 which is about 30 years old now and runs on windows If it’s any good, it’ll save me a round trip or two to other dedicated products. Just keep in mind that if you buy the manufacturer-specific version, all your RAW files from other manufacturers aren’t supported. That used to be a really good deal. They usually do that about May each year if I remember correctly. And with the updates to Lightroom and the R5 profiles, I’m pretty sure I’m going to save money and go with Adobe now.

But I’ll keep CaptureOne around as long s it’s viable for those special color adjustments. To be honest that’s a pretty good deal, as you get to use C1 V21 now and then get another years use of C1 Seems ok to me, but I am on a subscription model for Nikon only.

The biggest thing that forces you to upgrade is camera support, since older versions don’t support new cameras. If you buy new camera bodies as they come out, you’ll probably need the latest version of Capture One. Even more reason not to upgrade your camera or software so often and make use of the perfectly good equipment you already have. I’m generalising of course as everyone’s needs differ but I’d say for a lot of dedicated enthusiasts, this is probably true.

I wish there was a subscription based version that lets you only edit maybe photos per months but costs only 10 bucks per month. I figure I’ll probably keep getting every other version I remember how much 5, images a year would have cost to develop and print in the days of film and your comment just seems out of touch and even a bit ludicrous.

SilvanBromide, umm, criticizing another poster of being “out of touch” and then relating to the costs of the film days at the same time In any case, I also think that 5k images isn’t actually that bad. I don’t have that many that I keep and still I find a software such as C1 very helpful. And that a few cents per image over the span of a year or two isn’t unreasonable compared to most of the alternatives digital OR film.

So you can pay for the next version now and get it later.. Yes I have the current C1 and have upgraded for some time, but its still, by a mile, the most expensive raw development software, with the worst noise reduction of them all – but of you want to just throw images into it and get results with a nice pop it isn’t bad Exactly my thought.

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