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Autodesk revit structure 2016 tutorial free. Tutorials and Courses

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In this Revit Structure training course, expert author Tim Dundr will teach you the fundamentals of building information modeling for structural. Access resources that can help you learn how to use the software. Courses: Free, online, self-paced educational courses can help you.

Autodesk revit structure 2016 tutorial free


Click here to read it. Since then, some things have changed. In this guide, you will get advanced phasing strategies, including how to use the double pattern feature from Revit and the phasing in view filters from Revit The Revit update was a huge deal when it comes to phases.

It introduced the Double Pattern feature. In the example below, you can see how we combine the material patterns with the phases pattern to create an existing brick wall. Always use the foreground pattern for lines representing a material and the background pattern for solid fills. If you set the solid fill in the foreground, you will override the material pattern information and lose graphical components.

Again, the background pattern in the material properties should always be set to none, just like this:. In the graphics override menu, you can choose to pick a material override. While it can be helpful, it comes with some issues.

For example, if you have a wall with multiple layers of materials, the layers will all be gone and replaced with a single layer. Here is an example:. On the right, the phasing has a material overrides. It replaces every layer of the wall.

There are multiple subtleties in the way you can set pattern overrides with phases. It can be done with the phase pattern overrides, but also with the phase material override. Here is the priority list:. A subtle feature of the Phase Material Override is that the background pattern is never used. Only the foreground pattern can have an effect. Then, here is the phase material override. Here is the resulting wall. It uses background pattern from the graphics override and foreground pattern from the material override.

When you are using shaded or consistent colors view styles, the color set in the shading of the phase material override will be used.

Like in this image:. But sometimes, you want to replace it with another door or window! A strange feature indeed! If you try to delete the infilling element, you will get this warning. If you proceed, the demolished door will be deleted! Be careful. But there is a helpful workaround: create a separate wall just where the door is located and set it to demolished.

Hey, wanna get this entire post in PDF format so you can share it with your colleague, friends and entire family? Download pamphlet 20 right here:. For example, you could include all floors and all stairs. Then, you deactivate the visibility of the background pattern. The view filters graphics overrides have priority over phases graphic overrides. For example, the demolished ceiling in the image below appears like a regular new ceiling, not like a demolished one.

Creating a pattern used to be a tedious hassle, but the free PyRevit plugin allows you to create one quickly. Use the complete tutorial on this URL:. Here, we recreate the 2×4 ceiling pattern but with dashed lines. To keep things simple, everything in your group should be on the same phase.

For phases to properly work between linked models, you have to map them together. In the example below, we go to the type properties of the Revit link. In the phase mapping menu, we make sure the phases match. Revit is a huge update giving more tools to let users control phases. The biggest change affecting phases is with view filters. With this update, you can now select Phase Created and Phase Demolished view filter rules. For a quick reminder, this is Revit graphic override menu.

With view filters, you can get much more specific. For example, maybe you want demolished ceilings to appear in red and existing stairs to appear in green. We can set it up with the help of the new feature:.

You are limited to Existing, New, Demolished, and Temporary. That would not be an issue if you got only the Existing and New phases. But in projects where you have multiple phases, that can be an annoying limitation. You could set up view filters to have each phase with a different color. This addition is a big deal and might make the Graphic Overrides useless for certain projects. Get yours now and you will receive this entire blog post in a PDF format.

Watch Out With Material Overrides In the graphics override menu, you can choose to pick a material override.

Understand Pattern Priority There are multiple subtleties in the way you can set pattern overrides with phases.


Autodesk revit structure 2016 tutorial free.Revit architecture template download

Autodesk Revit Architecture for Architects and Designers.


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