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Which will helps your viewers reach virtually on any desktop or mobile device. You can create a cartoon character with a more realistic touch in this updated version. Adobe update many features in this update Bone tool is again back to full fill the user demands. Adobe Flash Professional CC is very useful to create Advertisement and banners with more attractive and catchy looks. This is the best tool for those companies who want to market their animated designs. The brush tool is more enhanced in this update which will allow you to do work with more perfection.

It is color combination has more variation which allow adding more combination color in your animations. It is faster which will help you to save your project more quickly. It has Multiple layers to bring dynamic movements. This is the complete suite for developers, marketers, and designers. It has a latest motion blur filter. It is compatible with your latest Microsoft operating system.

If you face any problem in accessing these files, please contact the publisher at sales cadcim. To stay informed of such updates, follow us on Facebook www. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel www. With the help of Creative Cloud, you can access all the Adobe creative tools and services. It also has a library of video tutorials to enhance the learning process. Moreover, you can access the Sync services, 20GB of online storage, the behance community hub, and updates the moment they are released to all programs.

The Flash Professional CC allows you to share your artwork within the application and sync across multiple devices. This application, however, runs from your desktop, not in the browser or in the cloud. It is re-engineered with bit architecture and a new streamlined user interface. The modular architecture of the software allows you to work on multiple large files and publish them faster.

You can also manage large backgrounds or elements using the unlimited pasteboard size supported in Flash Professional CC You will also learn to work with various panels. In this dialog box, choose ActionScript 3. The interface of Flash CC consists of a Stage, Tools panel, Timeline panel, Properties panel, menubar, and application bar, as shown in Figure Using the tools in this interface, you can create interactive websites and digital animations as well as edit and add elements to your movie.

In Flash CC , the main screen is called the Application screen. There are several workspace profile presets, which allow you to change the layout and arrangement of the panels based on your primary usage.

You can also arrange panels based on your requirement and save the current interface as your workspace. To save the current arrangement of panels as your workspace, choose the Workspace switcher button from the application bar; a flyout will be displayed. In this flyout, choose the New Workspace option, as shown in Figure The New Workspace dialog box will be displayed. Next, type the name of the workspace in the Name text box and then choose the OK button; the current arrangement of panels will be saved with the name that you specified in the dialog box and it becomes the active workspace.

You can also choose the preset workspace from the workspace flyout. Various components of the Flash CC interface are discussed next. The Stage is an area where all activities are performed that the viewers see when a movie is being played. The gray area surrounding the Stage is called Pasteboard. Anything in the Pasteboard is not visible in the final output. You can change the color and size of the Stage by using the options in the New Document dialog box and the Properties panel, refer to Figures and The Tools panel is divided into six sections, refer to Figure The Selection section consists of the tools that are used for selecting an object or part of an object.

The Drawing section consists of tools that are used to create objects, text, shapes, and decorative patterns. The Editing section consists of tools that are used to edit the existing object. The Color section consists of tools that are used to specify or modify the color of the border and fill of an object. The Options section of the Tools panel displays the options and modes of the selected tool.

In Flash CC , the outline of an object is called stroke and the color filled inside an object is called fill. The black triangle next to a tool indicates that there are some more hidden tools in the respective tool category. These tools are called hidden tools. To display the hidden tools, press and hold the left mouse button on that tool; a flyout will be displayed with all the hidden tools. The various tools in the Tools panel are discussed next.

The Selection Tool is used to select an object, group of objects, strokes, and fills. To select an object, choose Selection Tool and then click on the object. Alternatively, invoke the tool and marquee select the object. The options displayed in the Options section of the Tools panel on invoking the Selection Tool are discussed next. On choosing the Snap to Objects option, the objects that you move in the Stage jump to the edge of the nearest object. When you invoke a tool, the properties of that tool are displayed in the Properties panel.

The Free Transform Tool is used to rotate, move, skew, and distort an object. The options displayed in the Options section of the Tools panel on invoking the Free Transform Tool are discussed next. The Rotate and Skew option is used to rotate and give an oblique direction to the selected object.

The Distort option is used to deform the shape of an object by dragging individual transform points. On invoking this option, each transform point can be moved individually in all directions.

The Envelope option is used to manipulate the shape of an object. It creates an envelope of transform points around the object. Each transform point can move independently with respect to other transform points. The Gradient Transform Tool is used to scale, rotate, and change the direction of the gradient fill in an object.

This tool is located in the flyout that is displayed when you press and hold the left mouse button on Free Transform Tool. With the help of this tool, you can position the object at an angle and rotate it about any axis, refer to Figure The 3D Translation Tool is used to create a 3D perspective view and depth. This tool is located in the flyout that is displayed when you press and hold the left mouse button on 3D Rotation Tool.

You can create the depth by manipulating the distance between the object and the viewer by moving the object along the Z axis, as shown in Figure The Lasso Tool is used to select an object or a part of it by creating lasso selection. This would be compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit windows. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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