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Disk Management Software for Windows – Acronis Disk Director.What is ?

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Intel Matrix Storage Manager 8. After reading this section, you will know the advantages and limitations of each possible volume configuration. Portions used feee license from third parties. When to use basic disks: Camstudio download for pc free a machine that has посетить страницу one hard disk drive On a machine that runs an older Windows operating system, or an operating system other than Windows By acronis disk director 11 home rus free Acronis Disk Director, you can convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk p. Directkr this section Hardware requirements


Acronis disk director 11 home rus free


Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks and copyrights referred to are acronis disk director 11 home rus free property of their respective owners. Distribution of substantively modified versions of this document is prohibited without diretor explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Distribution of this work or derivative work in any standard paper book form for commercial purposes is prohibited unless prior permission is obtained from the copyright holder. The license terms for such thirdparties are detailed in the license. With a comprehensive set of operations, you can organize your hard disk and volume configuration for optimal performance, while keeping your data safe.

Key features Acronis Disk Director offers many features including: New! Create both basic and dynamic volumes The handy Acronis disk director 11 home rus free Volume wizard has been improved to support dynamic volumes creation.

If you need extra unallocated space on a disk containing one of the mirrors remove a mirror. Break a mirrored volume to get two independent simple volumes with initially identical content.

Copy or move a volume diskk one type as a volume of another type Change the type of a volume when copying or moving it. For example, visk can copy the contents of a mirrored жмите to a spanned volume. Convert primary volumes to 1 and vice acronis disk director 11 home rus free Convert a primary volume to logical to create a fifth volume on a disk that currently has four primary volumes.

Convert basic disks to dynamic and vice versa Convert the existing basic disks to dynamic to achieve additional disk reliability acronis disk director 11 home rus free data storage. Import foreign disks Make dynamic disks added from another machine accessible for the system. Disk cloning The Disk Cloning wizard lets you replace the old basic MBR disk with a new one without reinstalling operating systems and applications.

It transfers all the source disk data to a target disk. The source disk volumes can be cloned to the target disk “as directir, or resized automatically with respect to the target disk size. Disk and volume management operations Experience the vast array of disk and volume management operations: Resize, move, copy, split and merge volumes without data loss or destruction Format and label volumes, assign volume letters, and set volumes active Delete volumes Initialize newly added hard disks Copyright Acronis, Inc.

Acronis OS Selector Easy-to-use boot manager that allows several operating systems on a single machine and lets you create different configurations for any installed operating system, including Windows 7. Log Examine information about disk and volume operations, including reasons for failure, if any. Copyright Acronis, Inc. In this section Hardware requirements Accept the terms of the license agreement. Продолжить in your license key.

Skip this step if you want to evaluate the demo product version p. Select whether you want to install the program for all users on this machine, or for the current user only.

Proceed with installation. If you already have Acronis OS Acronis disk director 11 home rus free installed on your computer, it will be updated by the new version. Acronis OS Selector will also copy operating system files found on your machine into this folder to problems during the booting process and to simplify adding a new operating system in the future.

This might hlme in handy when a system volume is accidentally destroyed or damaged. In that case, Copyright Acronis, Inc. Run the Acronis Disk Director setup file. Select Update. Proceed with the update. Follow the instructions on the screen. Then select Uninstall Acronis OS Selector in the installation program window and follow the program instructions. Remove Acronis Disk Director 10 from your machine. Follow the on-screen instructions as described in Installing Acronis Disk Director p.

Upgrading from the demo version of Acronis Disk Director 11 If you already have the demo version p. Run Acronis Disk Director. Operations on volumes whose size is larger than MB acronis disk director 11 home rus free be committed.

If you experience problems installing or hom Acronis products that you can’t solve yourself by using this guide, then please contact Acronis Technical Support. More information about contacting Acronis Technical Support is available at the following link: In order to open a support trouble ticket, please fill out the Web form on the Acronis site; support will only open a trouble ticket if it is initiated from this form.

After reading this section, you will know the advantages and limitations of each possible acronis disk director 11 home rus free configuration. In addition, you will be able to decide what types of disks and volumes best suit your needs for organizing data storage. In this section Basic and dynamic disks Rirector of basic volumes Types of dynamic volumes Active, system, and boot volumes Dynamic volume types support Working with disks having a 4-KB sector size Basic and dynamic disks Each disk on your machine привожу ссылку be one of two types: basic or dynamic.

Basic disks Acronnis is the type of disk that most computers originally have. Basic disks can normally be used by any operating system, including any version of Windows.

A basic disk can store one or more volumes called basic volumes. A basic volume cannot occupy more than one disk. When to use basic disks: On a machine that has only one hard disk drive On a machine that runs an older Windows operating system, or an operating system other than Windows By using Acronis Disk Director, you can convert a basic disk to a dynamic disk p. Dynamic disks These disks provide a greater acronis disk director 11 home rus free as compared to basic disks.

Dynamic disks can be used only by the Windows operating systems starting with Windows A dynamic disk can store one or more volumes called dynamic volumes. Unlike a basic volume, a dynamic volume can occupy more than one disk. When to use dynamic disks. Dynamic disks are most acronis disk director 11 home rus free if your machine has more than one hard disk drive. In this case, you can: Create a large volume that occupies several disks.

Add fault-tolerance to your system and data, by mirroring a volume such as the one with the system to another disk.

If a disk with one rux these mirrors fails, no data will be lost on such volume. Dik may need to do so, for example, to install an operating system other than Windows on that disk. Converting a dynamic disk to basic may require deleting some volumes on it, such as volumes that occupy more than one disk. The main difference between a primary volume and a logical volume is that a primary volume can be used as the system or active volume that is, a volume from which the machine or its Windows operating systems start.

On each basic GPT p. The maximum volume size on a GPT disk is 16 exabytes. The maximum volume size on an MBR disk is 2 terabytes. If you are not planning to use more than four rue on the disk, all volumes can be primary volumes. Otherwise, you can leave the active volume and the system volume as primary volumes, and then create as many logical volumes as required.

If the disk already has homf primary volumes acronis disk director 11 home rus free you need to create a fifth volume, first convert one of the volumes but not the system or active volume to a logical volume, as described in Converting a primary volume to logical p. Simple volume A volume p. Physically, a simple volume can occupy more than one region of disk space, which can acronis disk director 11 home rus free logically perceived as a single contiguous region.

When you extend a simple volume to another disk, the volume becomes a spanned volume p. When you add aronis mirror to a simple volume, the volume becomes a mirrored volume p. Spanned адрес страницы A volume that consists of disk space from two or more dynamic disks p.

A spanned volume can reside on up to 32 disks. Unlike mirrored p. Unlike striped volumes p. Access to data on striped volumes is usually faster than on other types of dynamic volumes, because it can be performed simultaneously on multiple hard disks. Unlike a mirrored volume p. A striped volume is also known as a RAID-0 volume. Mirrored volume A fault-tolerant volume whose data is duplicated on two physical disks dsik.

Each of the two parts of a mirrored volume is called a mirror. All of the data on one disk is copied to another disk to provide data redundancy. If one of the hard disks fails, the data can still be accessed from the remaining hard disks.

Volumes that can be mirrored include the system volume p. A mirrored volume is sometimes called a RAID-1 volume. Note: No redundancy provided by the dynamic volumes architecture can replace the proper backup procedure. If you want to be sure of the safety of your data, the best policy is to combine both precautions. Each such volume is called читать далее, system, or boot, depending on its function.

If only one Windows operating system is installed on your machine, windows server 2012 essentials free single volume is often the active, system, and boot volume at the same time. Because of their special role, you should use extra caution when performing operations with these volumes.

Some operations with these volumes have limitations as compared to ordinary volumes. Active volume This is the volume from which the machine starts after you switch it on. The active volume usually contains one of the following programs: The operating system A program that enables acronis disk director 11 home rus free to choose which operating system to run if more than one is installedsuch as GRUB A diagnostic flash drive for windows recovery tool that runs before the operating system, such as Acronis Startup Recovery Manager Dissk Acronis Disk Director, the active volume is marked with a flag-like icon: If you choose to run a Windows operating system, the start process continues from the volume known as the system volume.

The system volume contains files that are necessary to start Windows, such as boot. There is always one system volume, whereas each of the installed Windows operating systems usually stores its files on its own volume, called a boot volume.

Boot volume This is the volume on which the files of a particular Uome operating system are stored. A boot volume contains folders such as the Program Files folder and the Windows folder. Note: The notions of system volume and boot volume apply only to Windows operating systems.


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Acronis Disk Director.

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