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Get directions now. See Boss Muscle Cars, Horsham, on the map. How to get to Boss Muscle Cars by Bus? How to get to Boss Muscle Cars by Train? Last updated on 17 September Change language. The fills contained a range of artefacts. Small assemblages had differing characters: Context 37 was a reddened of 13th- to midth-century material were also clay deposit which appeared to have been heated in recovered from three features in Trench T2. Cut 12 situ, Context 38 was a layer of silty sand, Context 60 was a shallow post-hole, Cut 14 was a flat-bottomed was a silty sand deposit, Context 57 was a sandy silt, gully, and Cut 16 was a small sub-rectangular pit.

Context 39 was a silty clay and Context 58 was a clay There was a group of three features in the layer representing either a deliberate placement or a southern section of the excavation area dating from compacted primary natural silting. The remaining this period. The silty clay fill Context 25 down the side of the pit.

Phased plan. Significant assemblages Part of an iron blade was also recovered from the of animal bone were also present in those three immediate vicinity of the masonry. There was also particular fills, and fish bone and charred plant stratigraphic evidence for the date of the wall, as it remains were also recovered from Context The truncated features of 12th- and early 13th-century pit had clearly been used for a number of episodes of date the well, Cut 62, and the rubbish pit, Cut The pit was truncated by the but was predominantly flint nodules, flint beach foundation of Structure A see below.

The constituents were bonded with a strong, clay lining Fig. The earlier feature was a pink sandy mortar containing small pebbles. There chalk-lined well Cut 62 , which had also been was a clear difference to the masonry at the north disturbed during the construction of Structure A end of the foundation, where there appeared to be see below. It more storage space, however, it would also have had contained pottery dated to — and a single the added effect of providing strength to the corner piece of ironworking slag.

The examined part of where it overlaid the earlier infilled well. No dating evidence was recovered than were seen elsewhere, in addition to a higher from this deposit, which appears to show deliberate concentration of sandstone. The lower level of the backfilling of the well. The well was also partly foundation was made up of a layer of regularly-sized overlain by a spread of crushed chalk Context The pebbles were typically 30 mm in the well belonged to Phase 1.

The other feature firmly dated to Phase 2 was an There were also local anomalies, including a irregular pit Cut 30 Fig. Its silty clay fill possible door location, adjacent to Cut 34, although Context 31 contained pottery dated to — A of slightly narrower, neater construction. A neatly shallow gully Cut 42 is also tentatively assigned to dressed quoin Context 66 was incorporated in the this phase as it ran directly under Wall 65 of Structure masonry at the original back corner of the building.

No direct dating evidence was recovered from its In places the mortar bed on which the lower courses clayey silty fill Context The pebbles were This phase is represented by building remains, typically c. The latter feature, Cut 46, truncated the but again with little variation in size. The southern shallow pit Cut 44 Fig. Pottery dated to — c. There was direct dating evidence time that the differing character of the fallen masonry for the construction of the foundation from a sherd might suggest a rebuild, but removal of the tumble of pottery dated to — recovered from the showed no obvious evidence of this.

Although bonded with a strong grey mortar similar to that this could represent the edge of a later inserted used in Structure B Context The extent of the fireplace, there was no obvious evidence of burning. As foundation trench Cut 84 could not be detected. It is possible that this represented the base of a robber Structure B trench, although alternatively it may have been the The investigation of this masonry was also hampered base of a foundation trench.

Structure B was It is possible that Structure C formed part of encountered in the southern corner of the excavated a larger enclosed area, or with Structure A as the area and consisted of a right angle of masonry made western boundary, but unfortunately not enough of up of flint nodules and chalk blocks bonded together the roughly north—south element of Structure C could with a strong grey mortar Context The extent be investigated to confirm their apparently similar of the foundation trench Cut 78 could not be orientations.

The virtual absence of contemporary detected. The foundation was laid on an orientation features between the two walls suggests some similar to that of Structures A and perhaps C, but was deliberately defined use, and the presence of isolated noticeably thinner c. Unfortunately, the 79 , but this could not be investigated on grounds exact relationship of this possible arrangement to the of safety see above.

AD —c. AD for the date of the laying of the foundation. It A small number of features could not be closely dated. Hence it is possible that T2.

West Country slate was recovered from the upper fill Context 19 , suggesting a broadly medieval Structure C date.

In addition, a broadly medieval date was site is more problematic, given that there was no assigned to a shallow post-hole Cut 10 encountered direct artefactual or stratigraphic evidence. Limited in evaluation Trench T1 as its silty clay fill Context investigation of the area showed a possible corner 11 was similar in character to other fills excavated of a building.

The element, which ran below the in the trench. Many of the contexts contain small amounts The excavations at the site produced a relatively small assemblage of intrusive or residual material and few totally secure contexts of pottery: sherds weighing g from 26 individually are present.

The bulk of this sherds weighing The main aims of the pottery analysis were to characterize g came from the main excavation. All the studied pottery was divided into fabric groups based The condition of the assemblage is mixed. Although sherd size on a visual examination, using a hand-lens where necessary, of is generally small, the material does not show extensive signs tempering, inclusions and manufacturing technique.

Pit 36, Fill Pottery quantification. Table 2. Fabric No. Only the two largest assemblages were quantified by sherd count and weight by fabric see below. French: probably Rouen. No sherd groups suitable for illustration were noted. Fabric 7: Sparse very fine sand reduced Samples of all fabric groups were extracted from the Reduced.

High fired. Undecorated cooking-pots only with assemblage and have been retained for Archaeology South- slightly corrugated bodies. Possibly a French import. Shortened fabric descriptions are given below. Fabric 8: Sparse-moderate fine sand. Undecorated cooking-pots with occasional The fabric groups spots of glaze. Low—medium fired. Undecorated cooking- pots only. Local fabric predating the midth century. Fabric 9: Sparse fine sand. Medium-high fired. Glazed jugs only.

Medium fired. At least one chimney pot is also present in this fabric. Local Fabric Sparse very fine sand. Scarborough- type ware. Medium- to high-fired. Local groups. Undecorated cooking-pots only. Local represented. A 13th-century deposition Fabric 5: Moderate medium sand with occasional very rare date is suggested for this deposit.

A date between and is suggested for for anything of significance. The excavations produced only 45 pieces of tile, weighing just Contexts 37, 39 and 57 contain 2, 43 and 18 fragments over 3 kg, from eight different contexts. No large groups or respectively. Of this total of 63, it was possible to identify 53 complete dimensions are present though all are from medieval to bone type and species.

The species identified were cattle contexts spanning the lateth to 14th centuries virtually all The assemblage consists pig 9. All three of the species are represented of both peg tile 36 pieces from seven contexts and ridge tile best by cranial fragments but most other parts of the skeleton are fragments from roofing three pieces from two contexts as present.

The ridge and includes shallow cuts to shafts of long bones and split vertebrae. The latter average Unfortunately, owing to the small numbers involved, it was not approximately 23 mm thick and have bevelled edges.

Context possible to carry out any meaningful statistical analysis on this 45 Pit 44 produced five of the floor tiles, including an example material with regard to age, sex or butchery patterns. However, all are tempered with medium to Introduction coarse sand, occasionally with iron oxide inclusions. Fuller A very small assemblage of fish bone, representing six contexts, details are housed with the archive. The material is exclusively from medieval deposits of the 13th and 14th centuries.

Virtually all of this Methods material is very fragmentary though two complete slates are Bone from Contexts 27, 41 and 50 was collected by hand, whilst present. These dimensions are not out of place with Other information, such as butchery marks, gnawing, fresh those noted previously in Sussex Holden The example breakage and burning, was noted where present.

Fragments from Context 72 has a mortar line on its upper surface mm were identified to species or species group using the modern up from the tail lower edge of the slate indicating the overlap comparative reference collections of PRS and the Environmental with the slate originally beneath it.

By far the largest assemblage Archaeology Unit, University of York. Alternatively the slate may have been deliberately species identified. Detailed records by context can be found placed in the pit to create a soakaway. Context 25 – g and Context 51 – 66 g , though no original Preservation of the fish remains was, generally, fairly good. A single piece Damage to the edges of some bones was noted, most of which of Horsham stone slate was recovered from Context 64 80 g. Some slight variations of colour were Fifteen pieces of iron were recovered from five different contexts.

Several of the large from general-purpose nails. Seven pieces of slag, weighing g, ling and gadoid vertebrae had clearly been chopped, but no other were recovered from three different contexts. With the exception evidence of butchery was apparent. Gadidae remains, including ling Molva molva L. The fish remains. At the nearby site of Battle Abbey, ling remains were also recovered.

Here, it was suggested, primarily on the basis of Species no. View all properties in Horsham. Properties for sale in nearby suburbs.

Haven, VIC Mckenzie Creek, VIC Bungalally, VIC Lower Norton, VIC Drung, VIC Dooen, VIC Quantong, VIC Wonwondah, VIC Pimpinio, VIC



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Feb 19,  · Browse through 3 Bedroom Free Standing Houses Sold & Auction Results in Horsham, VIC, & surrounding suburbs. View the available listings & . Member’s details changed for Horsham Holdings Ltd on 23 January View PDF Member’s details changed. for Horsham Holdings Ltd on 23 January – link opens in a new window – 1 page. (1 page) 23 Jan LLAD Registered office address changed from Piccadilly Mayfair London W1J 7NW England to Jermyn Street London SW1Y 6NY on. Aug 16,  · 3 Hazel Street, Horsham This property is only land value, however it does have a house included if you were willing and prepared to repair and restore it. Such a rare opportunity to acquire approx. 1,sqm do not come up often, and as it is situated within walking distance to Horsham College and the Horsham CBD, this property makes the ideal.


Properties for sale in southwater | Cubitt & West, estate agents in southwater.


Updated road closures. A community park offering residents walking paths, a play space, pumptrack 3 hazel street horsham free download barbecues, ideal for gatherings with friends and family. An abundance of natural shade and seating to relax and enjoy. Toilet facilities are available nearby. A community park offering a play space, seating, dog agility park and exercise equipment set on the racecourse reserve walking track.

A community reserve offering a basketball ring and climbing frame for local residents and families. A tranquil garden oasis with lagoon for local residents and families. An area to reflect, relax and enjoy. A community reserve offering 2 sports ovals for local residents and families.

There is also a pavilion available for hire. Tagged as:Sports GroundsRecreation Reserve. Flood impacted roads Updated road closures. Skip to main content. Parks, Gardens and Reserves 28 Result s Found. Adventure Island and Apex Pump track Barnes Boulevard, Horsham A community park offering residents walking paths, a play space, pumptrack and barbecues, ideal for gatherings with friends and family.

Bodey Court Reserve Bodey Court, Horsham A community reserve offering a basketball ring and climbing frame for local and families. Botanical Gardens Firebrace Street, Horsham Lovely botanical gardens with multiple play spaces, barbeque and toilet 3 hazel street horsham free download. City Gardens Madden Street, Horsham A tranquil garden oasis with lagoon for local residents and families. Drummond Park Drummond Street, Cпециализируется adobe premiere pro cs3 video formats free просто A community park offering a play space for local residents and families.

Dudley Cornell Park Gertrude Street, Horsham A community reserve offering 2 sports ovals for local residents and families. Elbourne Park Hazel Street, Horsham A community park offering a play space for local residents and families. Gardenia Street Park Gardenia Street, Horsham 3 hazel street horsham free download community 3 hazel street horsham free download offering a play space for local residents and families.

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